Fabian Alomar is a legendary skateboarder who has close ties with DGK. He’s been through some ups and downs in life, he was released from prison two years ago after doing an eight-year bid. After he got out, Fabian returned to the world of skateboarding as a personality appearing in many interview clips on various sites and doing his own skate show called Frank Hurts with Animal Chan. During this time, Fabian also discovered his passion for acting and through talent and determination was able to develop real skills that allowed him to book a variety of roles. He was on his way to making a career out of that, but his dream was derailed this past May when Fabian was incarcerated for a third time.
Fabes admittedly has a substance abuse problem and had started using again. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance while skating in Hollywood and was booked into Wayside Detention center where he’s currently awaiting trial. It’s easy to judge someone in Fabian’s situation and say that they deserve whatever they get. Before you do that, please consider the fact that because this is a third strike Fabian is currently facing 26 to life for a non-violent offense. Fabian is not a rapist, he is not a murderer, he is not a child molester, he is not a monster – he is a good person that needs treatment for substance abuse.
Given how close we have all been with Fabian over the years, all of the potential we see in him, and all of the positive things that he was working on before this latest slip; everyone at DGK felt that we could not turn our backs on Fabes and had to get involved with his current situation. So, we came up with the idea to do a Free Fabes t-shirt and are donating 100% of the proceeds to Fabian’s legal defense. This shirt is available now through the Kayo Store and will be arriving in skate shops over the next week. In addition to this, we are asking that everyone go on their social media accounts and Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook #FreeFabes over the next week leading up to Fabian’s court date on October 12th. All of this is going to be submitted to the judge with the hopes that he will show lenience when Fabian is sentenced.
We wanted to get the full story from Fabian himself, so we arranged the following interview that was conducted from jail. In addition, Fabian gave us his blessing to publish his unseen skate footage from the ’90’s which is an incredible rare gem of a video part. Most of these legendary spots are long gone and this video will definitely induce nostalgia for anyone that was skating back then and the younger generation can see why Fabian is such a well-respected skater by his peers. Special thanks to Amrit Jain, Paul Chan, and Tatiana Javorsky for their help with putting all of this together. #FreeFabes!